Andreas Trinidad
Ring name(s) Andreas McCants
Andreas Trinidad
Height 6'1"
Weight 233 lbs
Born October 24, 1987
(Brooklyn, New York)
Resides Calgary, Alberta
Billed From Brooklyn, New York
Debut June 3, 2006

Jerome Andreas McCants (born October 24, 1987 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American professional wrestler, best known as Andreas Trinidad. He is best known for his time in Soul Wrestling Incorporated, where he is a two-time SWI World Champion. Andreas is also a three-time SWI World Tag Team Champion with TANK as Bad Attitude Inc., and a one-time SWI North American Champion. He is the 12th SWI Triple Crown Champion, and is the first wrestler to hold the World and North American titles simultaneously.

Early careerEdit

Jerome McCants was born to Mike and Shirley McCants in Brooklyn, New York. His older brother Tyson (1985 - 2006) was killed in a gang-related incident. Jerome trained in Brooklyn to become a pro wrestler upon graduating high school and soon formed a tag team with his childhood friend TANK. The two teamed as Bad Attitude Inc. and competed in New York Underground Wrestling, where they were two-time NYUW Tag Team Champions.

Soul Wrestling IncorporatedEdit

Tag Team Champions (2009 - 2011)Edit

Bad Attitude Inc. were then signed to Soul Wrestling Incorporated in October 2009. The initial plan was to have Andreas compete as a solo wrestler with TANK in a bodyguard role, but upon rewatching most of their tag matches in NYUW, officials allowed the two to compete as a team. Andreas and TANK debuted on the December 5 episode of Apocalypse, watching the Party Animals defend the SWI World Tag Team Championship. After announcing their intention to compete for the titles, Bad Attitude Inc. wrestled their debut match at Destiny Fulfilled, winning the SWI World Tag Team Championship in the Tag Team Turmoil, entering last and eliminating the Party Animals. They defended the titles against the Animals, Team England, C-Code & MC Bob, CK Miles and Run Away, among many other teams before losing the titles to Team England at Renewal.

Following repeated unsuccessful attempts at regaining the tag titles, Andreas turned his attention to the SWI North American Championship, facing Blackwolf at Betrayal for the title in a losing effort. Bad Attitude Inc. then wrestled in a tag team turmoil at Destiny Fulfilled, eliminating the Drinkin Boyz before being eliminated by Team England due to interference of the Drinkin Boyz. This later led to Bad Attitude Inc. turning face and defeating the Drinkin Boyz at Beginning Anew.

Team Attitude vs. Team CK (2011 - 2012)Edit

Bad Attitude Inc. then turned their attention back to the SWI World Tag Team Championship, facing The Stones at Rise of the Forces, but losing due to interference from CK Miles. CK explained that Bad Attitude Inc. ruined his life the previous year when they defeated him and Run Away for the tag titles. Bad Attitude Inc. then teamed with XS3 to defeat CK and The Ministry at Questions Unanswered. CK then brought in Thunder Train to aid him in his feud with Bad Attitude Inc., with the two defeating Bad Attitude Inc. at Renewal. During the feud, Lisa Cross would join the two as their manager while also feuding with Justine Vaine, who joined with CK and Train. The feud continued with Rainmaster joining Team Attitude to feud with Team CK and Frankie Starr.

In July, Andreas faced TANK in a qualifier for the Versus the World Match at Disasterpiece, but was unsuccessful. Andreas instead was entered into a battle royal for the SWI North American Championship at the event. Andreas managed to eliminate Train on his own before being eliminated by eventual winner Blackwolf. Team Attitude's feud with Team CK finally ended at Unholy Confessions, with Team Attitude winning an Elimination Steel Cage match. The feud went on to win SWI Feud of the Year 2011. As a result of their victory, Bad Attitude Inc. competed for the vacant SWI World Tag Team Championship on the following episode of Apocalypse, defeating the Monstourage to win the titles for a second time. The two then defended the titles against the Monstourage, The Brothers Grimm, The Stones, and Worldwide Truth & Freedom.

At Destiny Fulfilled, Bad Attitude Inc. teamed with Lisa Cross to face The Stones and Mary Jane in a Winners Take All match. The Stones and Mary Jane won the match and the tag titles. Bad Attitude Inc. challenged for the titles over the course of the year, coming up short every time due to cheap tactics. Bad Attitude Inc. teamed with Blackwolf, XS3, and Tannark Fisher to face The Unrest at Broken Chains in a losing effort, then challenged for the tag titles at Destiny Fulfilled in yet another losing effort.

Various feuds and breakup (2013 - 2015)Edit

In January, Bad Attitude Inc. reignited their feud with The Stones, following The Stones costing the two a match for the Tag Team titles. The two teams ended their long-standing rivalry by facing each other at Beginning Anew. Bad Attitude Inc. won the match, making them the #1 contenders and forcing The Stones to disband. Bad Attitude Inc. would then win their third SWI World Tag Team Championship at Challenging Adversity, defeating the Besser Brothers. The two defended the titles against the Besser Brothers and The Callahans at Rise of the Forces, The Brothers Grimm at Questions Unanswered, Frankie Starr and Waylon Kenney at Renewal, and Mikey Stone and Robert Russo at Independence.

On the July 6 episode of Apocalypse, Bad Attitude Inc. lost the titles to Jeffy and Daniel Ness of Starrway Enterprises. The two unsuccessfully tried to regain the titles at Disasterpiece. Starrway Enterprises then attacked and (kayfabe) injured Andreas on the following episode. Andreas made his return on September 7, helping many members of the SWI roster beat down Starrway Enterprises. Bad Attitude Inc. then qualified for the Harbor Cage match at Betrayal against Starrway Enterprises. While his team went on to win the match, Andreas was the first man eliminated from his team. Andreas then competed in the Destiny Fulfilled Tournament, defeating Mikey Stone in the quarterfinals but losing to XS3 in the semifinals due to Mikey's interference. Andreas then faced Mikey for the SWI North American Championship at Broken Chains, but was unsuccessful. Andreas challenged for the title once again, this time in a Fatal Four Way Ironman Match against TANK, JR Stone, and Mikey Stone, with JR coming out on top.

Bad Attitude Inc. then turned heel for the first time since 2010 by attacking Stan H. Johnston and costing him his match against Kellen Sampson for the SWI Canadian Television Championship. The two then defeated Johnston and Nicholai Ivanov at Rise of the Forces. After an unsuccessful bid for the Tag Team titles, Bad Attitude Inc. focused on the SWI World Championship, attacking Tannark Fisher and XS3. All four men faced off at Renewal for the World title, with Tannark retaining the title. Andreas then faced Tannark for the title at Independence 9 in a losing effort. Bad Attitude Inc. then started teasing dissension in July, following losses to the Drinkin Bros. and TANK nominating himself for the 2014 Versus the World Match.

The two then regrouped and feuded with the European Union, bringing in B. Randall Morrison as backup. The European Union defeated Bad Attitude Inc. and Morrison at Unholy Confessions. After the match, TANK hit the TANK Drop on Andreas, ending the team. Andreas attempted to gain revenge, but was mercilessly beaten down on September 13, which (kayfabe) sidelined him. Andreas returned on November 1, beating down TANK and Morrison. Andreas faced Morrison at Broken Chains, but lost following a sneak attack from TANK. Andreas then defeated TANK in a Last Man Standing match at Destiny Fulfilled, and then again in a regular match at Beginning Anew.

North American Champion and World Champion (2015 - 2017)Edit

Andreas turned his attention back to the North American title, in which he faced Keiji Satoshi in a losing effort at Challenging Adversity. Andreas took all of April off to help care for his father when he was ill. Andreas then returned on May 2, helping Robert Russo defeat Hayden Wilkinson. Andreas received another North American title match at Renewal, but lost due to interference from The Barricade. Andreas then defeated Keiji and Russo in a highly acclaimed #1 contender's match, then went on to win the title at Independence 10. Andreas then went on an undefeated streak, not taking any pins or submissions as he defended the title against B. Randall Morrison, Frankie Starr, and Monty James.

Andreas entered the Destiny Fulfilled Tournament, defeating Frankie Starr and Nicholai Ivanov. Andreas then defeated Benjamin Collier in the finals to win the tournament, retaining the North American title in the process. Andreas then announced that he would defend his title every week leading up to Destiny Fulfilled, starting on November 21 with a win over Mikey Stone. Andreas then defended against Nick Grant, B. Randall Morrison at Broken Chains, Manzer, Daniel Rebel, and Jeremy Besser in the following weeks. Andreas then defeated Daniel Ness to win the SWI World Championship, debuting a new submission finisher, the Brooklyn Bridge, in the process. Andreas became the first wrestler to hold the World and North American titles at the same time, although he vacated the North American title on the following Apocalypse due to SWI protocol.

Andreas continued his winning ways by retaining the World title at Beginning Anew against XS3, becoming the first man to force XS3 to submit in SWI. Andreas then defended the title against Daniel Ness at Challenging Adversity and Rise of the Forces, the latter of which was a tag match featuring Andreas and Truth & Freedom against the Corporate Club. Andreas defended the belt against Benjamin Collier at Questions Unanswered before losing the belt to Ben Drinkin at Renewal, ending his reign at 154 days and his undefeated streak at 30 matches. Andreas challenged for the belt in a triple threat match at Independence 11 with Sam Hawkins, but was unsuccessful when he was taken out by Fat Tony Drinkin, leaving Ben to pin Hawkins. Andreas would then feud with other members of the Drinkin Clan, defeating Fat Tony at Versus the World and All Night at Unholy Confessions. Andreas then regained the SWI World Championship at Betrayal, defeating Mikey Stone, Ben Drinkin, and B. Randall Morrison in a Four Corners Elimination match to reclaim the title. After defenses against Daniel Ness and Sam Hawkins, Andreas lost the title to Keiji Satoshi at Destiny Fulfilled.

Various feuds (2017) Edit

Andreas then turned his attention to Manzer's SWI North American Championship. After coming up short, he began a well-received four way feud with Manzer, Daniel Ness (who won the title from Manzer), and Fat Tony Drinkin, culminating in a Four Corners Elimination Match at Independence 12, where Andreas was unsuccessful in winning the title. Andreas continued to feud with Fat Tony, with Andreas defeating him in a Falls Count Anywhere match on August 12 to end the feud. Andreas then entered the Destiny Fulfilled Tournament, defeating Benjamin Collier in the quarterfinals on October 7 and Tannark Fisher in the semifinals on October 14. In the finals on October 28, he and XS3 fought to a double pin-submission, when he forced XS3 to submit to the Brooklyn Bridge as XS3 had countered the move into a pin. As a result, both men were declared winners of the tournament, and would face Trent Radical for the SWI World Championship at Destiny Fulfilled in a match including Tannark Fisher. XS3 won the match, but presented the belt to Andreas following its conclusion.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • Brooklyn Bridge (Bridging omoplata crossface) (2015 - present)
    • Stand Up Shot (Lifting reverse STO)
  • Trademark moves
    • Backflip out of the corner as a counter
    • Boston crab
    • Corkscrew pescada
    • Diving arm drag
    • Diving back elbow smash
    • Head scissors
    • Hurracanrana
    • Neck Snapper (Rolling neck snap)
    • Running leg lariat
    • Series of kicks to the midsection
    • Spinning wheel kick
    • Sit-out facebuster counter to powerbomb
    • Springboard clothesline
    • Stand Up Splash (Moonsault)
    • Stand Up Stunner (Somersault Stunner from the corner)
  • Managers
  • Entrance themes
    • "Stand Up" by 8Ball & MJG (December 27, 2009 - June 25, 2011; November 1, 2014 - December 31, 2017)
    • "Fast Lane" by Bad Meets Evil (June 26, 2011 - August 31, 2014)

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit