Broken Chains was a professional wrestling pay-per-view held by Soul Wrestling Incorporated in November.



November 26, 2006


November 25, 2007

  • Ken Williams and Jason Daniels def. Waylon Kenney and Kelsey Phoenix to win the SWI World Tag Team Championship.
    • Williams pinned Kelsey after hitting her with one of the belts and hitting the No Laughing Matter.
  • Edgemaster def. Ben Drinkin.
    • Edgemaster pinned Ben after a rope hung Over the Edge.
  • Darren Phoenix def. Survivor to win the SWI North American Championship.
    • Darren forced Survivor to submit to the Nighttime Strangler.
  • Necrosphere and XS3 def. Trinity.
    • Necrosphere pinned Frankie after the Void Crusher.
  • Joey McFarlane def. CK Miles in a Dog Collar match.
    • Joey pinned CK after the Final Fate.
  • Ken Davids def. SP Robertson to retain the SWI World Championship.
    • Davids forced SP to pass out to the Dragon Clutch, following two consecutive Shining Wizards.


November 30, 2008

  • The Calgary Cowboys def. Ken Williams and Jason Daniels and C-Code & MC Bob to retain the SWI World Tag Team Championship.
    • Sisco pinned Daniels after the Calgary Crack.
  • Survivor def. Necrosphere.
    • Survivor pinned Necrosphere with a roll-up after Ken Davids distracted Necrosphere.
  • Darren Phoenix def. Shorty Drinkin.
    • Darren pinned Shorty after the Plunge into Darkness.
  • Jason Hardcore def. Waylon Kenney.
    • Jason pinned Waylon with an inside cradle.
  • SP Robertson def. Ken Davids.
    • SP pinned Davids after the Robbed Blind and the LSD.
    • Necrosphere hit Davids with the Void Crusher after.
  • Trinity and Joey McFarlane def. XS3, the Drinkin Boyz, and Tannark Fisher.
    • Joey pinned XS3 after a top rope Final Fate.


November 29, 2009

  • The Party Animals def. Team England and Jotun and Nicholai Ivanov to retain the SWI World Tag Team Championship.
    • Tannark pinned Jotun after the 602.
  • Frankie Starr and Waylon Kenney def. Damage Inc.
    • Frankie pinned Williams after the Starrmaker.
  • Monty James def. Christopher Evans to retain the SWI North American Championship.
    • Monty pinned Evans after the Full Monty.
  • Edgemaster def. Ken Davids by DQ to become #1 Contender to the SWI World Championship.
    • Davids refused to stop attacking Edgemaster in the corner, causing the DQ.
  • Mr. Besser def. XS3.
    • Besser pinned XS3 after the Besser Bomb.
  • Rainmaster def. Joey McFarlane to retain the SWI World Championship.
    • Rainmaster pinned Joey after the Rain Drop.


November 28, 2010

  • Lisa Cross, Kayla Stevens, and Ashley London def. Kelsey Ayami, Mary Jane, and Serenity Ramirez.
    • Kayla pinned Mary after the Ares Crossbody.
  • Dr. Jason Spencer def. Tannark Fisher.
    • Spencer pinned Tannark with a roll-up.
  • Rainmaster, Frankie Starr, and Nicholai Ivanov def. the Drinkin Clan.
    • Nicholai pinned Ben after the Hammer & Sickle.
  • Tonya Montana def. Ten-Ka, the Jungle Queen.
    • Tonya pinned Ten-Ka after the Tigress Buster.
  • Edgemaster and Worldwide Truth & Freedom def. the Golden Alliance in a Harbor Cage match.
    • Kennedy eliminated Justine after the Kennedy Assassination.
    • Darren eliminated Kennedy after the Plunge into Darkness.
    • CK eliminated Blackwolf after the MXC through a table.
    • Jeffy eliminated Darren after the Mordor Drop onto a bunch of set-up chairs.
    • Edgemaster eliminated Davids after the Over the Edge on thumbtacks.
    • Necrosphere eliminated Jeffy after the Void Crusher on the outside.
    • Edgemaster eliminated CK after catching him in midair with the Sharpest Edge onto a chair.
    • Necrosphere eliminated Edgemaster after the Crash & Burn from CK and the Void Crusher.
    • Monty eliminated Necrosphere after a chairshot and the Full Monty onto the chair.
    • Edgemaster and W.T.F. won title matches at Destiny Fulfilled.


November 27, 2011


November 25, 2012

  • Samantha Nichols and Psychophelia def. Mary Jane and Meghan Noble.
    • Psychophelia pinned Mary after the Ode to Polonius.
  • The Drinkin Boyz won a Tag Team Battle Royal to earn an SWI World Tag Team Championship match at Destiny Fulfilled.
  • Frankie Starr def. Kellen Sampson.
    • Frankie pinned Kellen after two consecutive Starrmakers, with the first one against the turnbuckles.
  • Kennedy def. Shelby Stull to retain the SWI Women's Championship.
    • Kennedy pinned Shelby after the Kennedy Assassination.
  • Jeffy def. Waylon Kenney, Nicholai Ivanov, and Gene Van Tyler to retain the SWI North American Championship.
    • Jeffy pinned GVT after the Mordor Drop.
  • The Unrest def. Blackwolf, Tannark Fisher, XS3, and Bad Attitude Inc. in a Tag War match.
    • Monty pinned Blackwolf after hitting him with the SWI World Championship belt from behind, ending their truce from February.


November 24, 2013

  • The Callahans def. The Besser Brothers to retain the SWI World Tag Team Championship.
    • Nikos pinned David with an inside cradle, following a distraction from Daniel Ness.
  • Kayla Stevens def. Justine Vaine and Gina Scott to retain the SWI Women's Championship.
    • Kayla pinned Justine after the Judgment Day.
  • Jarod Barnes def. Colossus Rhodes by TKO (Monty James was the guest referee).
    • Jarod used a series of knee strikes to the head to cause the TKO.
    • Monty James was the guest referee.
    • Monty attacked Jarod after the match and helped Colossus to the back.
    • This was Colossus' last match in SWI as he left the company due to mounting injuries.
  • Mikey Stone def. Andreas Trinidad to retain the SWI North American Championship.
    • Mikey pinned Andreas after the Blaze of Glory.
    • JR attacked Mikey after the match.
  • Carter Starr def. SP Robertson to retain the SWI World Championship.
    • Carter pinned SP after the Fatal Encounter.
  • Tannark Fisher and the European Union def. Starrway Enterprises in a Falls Count Anywhere match.
    • Hawkins pinned Ness after the London Bridge.
    • Carter Starr and The Callahans attempted to intefere in the match, but were subdued by Blackwolf and XS3.


November 30, 2014

  • Manzer def. Matthieu Trudeau to retain the SWI Canadian Television Championship.
    • Manzer pinned Trudeau after the Mosh Pit.
  • Just Ashley def. Lisa Cross and Justine Vaine to win the SWI Women's Championship.
    • Ashley pinned Justine after the Bass Drop.
    • Ashley then returned to her Ashley Neon gimmick after the match.
  • The European Union def. Frankie Starr and Mikey Stone to retain the SWI World Tag Team Championship.
    • Hawkins pinned Frankie after the London Bridge.
    • Frankie went to attack Mikey, but was stopped by the European Union and JR Stone.
  • B. Randall Morrison def. Andreas Trinidad.
    • Morrison pinned Andreas after the Experto Crede, following a distraction from Kayla Stevens and a boot to the head from TANK.
    • Morrison then proposed to Kayla, who ran away.
  • Keiji Satoshi def. Daniel Ness to win the SWI North American Championship.
    • Keiji pinned Ness after countering the Sheer FinNESS into an O'Connor roll.
  • Waylon Kenney def. Tannark Fisher and Monty James to retain the SWI World Championship.
    • Waylon pinned Monty after hitting him and Tannark with the The Way It Is, right after Tannark hit the 602.
    • Nicholai laid Waylon out with the Hammer & Sickle to end the show.

2015 Edit

November 29, 2015

  • The Unregulars and Manzer def. The Barricade and Matthieu Trudeau.
    • Russo pinned Grant after the H&R Shock.
    • This was Hayden's last night in SWI. Hayden made peace with Russo and Manzer after the match.
  • The Stones def. The Drinkin Bros. in a Falls Count Anywhere match.
    • JR pinned Ben after the Stone Cutter onto the guardrail.
  • The Risen def. The European Union to retain the SWI World Tag Team Championship.
    • Madden pinned Hawkins after the New Gun.
    • Nicholai turned on his teammates after the match, ending his affiliation with the European Union.
  • Tannark Fisher def. Jeremy Besser.
    • Tannark pinned Jeremy with an inside cradle.
    • Tannark won an SWI Canadian Television Championship match at Destiny Fulfilled.
    • Trent Radical then laid Tannark out with the Radical Neckbreaker after the match.
  • Gina Scott def. Karen von Black, Sarah Bennett, and Theresa McShane to retain the SWI Women's Championship.
    • Gina pinned Karen after the Scott Shot.
  • Andreas Trinidad def. B. Randall Morrison to retain the SWI North American Championship.
    • Andreas pinned Morrison after the Stand Up Shot.
    • Andreas' World Championship match at Destiny Fulfilled was on the line as well.
  • Daniel Ness def. XS3 and Blackwolf to retain the SWI World Championship.
    • Ness pinned Blackwolf after XS3 hit the Shadow Step on Blackwolf and Ness threw XS3 out of the ring.
    • Ness and Andreas shared a staredown to end the show. After the show went off the air, Jonathan Rembrandt announced that Apocalypse would return to its two hour timeslot.

2016 Edit

November 27, 2016

  • The Cypress Crew def. Rock n' Roll Angels, Truth & Freedom, and The Corporate Club to retain the SWI World Tag Team Championship.
    • G-String pinned Jeffy after Kellen delivered the Internal Cannon to Jeffy, but was thrown out of the ring by G-String.
  • Dmitri Laertes def. Johnny Romeo.
    • Laertes pinned Romeo after a vertical suplex into a lungblower.
  • Manzer def. Trent Radical and Jeremy Besser in a Triple Threat match to retain the SWI North American Championship.
    • Manzer pinned Jeremy after the Mosh Pit.
    • Jeremy speared Radical after the match and walked out on him.
  • Ashley Neon and Tonya Montana def. JLK in a Handicap match to retain Ashley's SWI Women's Championship.
    • Ashley pinned Kasai after an elevated splash.
  • XS3, Kyle Madden, Samuel Sheppard, and Kayla Stevens def. The Drinkin Clan in a No DQ Tornado Tag Team match.
    • Madden pinned Shorty after the New Gun with assistance from XS3.
    • XS3 filled in for RH Marius, who was attacked and injured by Fat Tony Drinkin before the show.
  • Andreas Trinidad def. Sam Hawkins to retain the SWI World Championship.
    • Andreas forced Hawkins to submit to the Brooklyn Bridge.
    • Keiji Satoshi, Benjamin Collier, and Mikey Stone helped fend off interference from the Corporate Club.