Future Souls Initiative
FSI logo
Company Profile
Founder Soul Wrestling Incorporated
Owners Soul Wrestling Incorporated
Founded July 1, 2013 (as a promotion)
June 22, 2015 (as a training academy)
Dissolved November 4, 2015
Location Duchess, Alberta (2013 - 2015)
Style Professional wrestling
Key People Necrosphere - commissioner / head trainer

Future Souls Initiative (FSI) was a Canadian professional wrestling promotion and training academy. It was created on July 1, 2013, and it served as the developmental promotion for Soul Wrestling Incorporated.


SWI announced the creation of FSI on July 1, 2013 on their website, with a press conference being held by Jonathan Rembrandt, Ken Davids, and Necrosphere later that day. Rembrandt explained that due to appearances by many wrestlers who formerly competed for Alpha Championship Wrestling and the Kritical Wrestling Alliance, the creation of a developmental promotion was needed in order to ensure new talent would have a fair chance at competing in SWI. Rembrandt also announced that many wrestlers who competed in the 30 Man Battle Royal at Beginning Anew would be signed to developmental deals with the promotion. Three weeks later, FSI crowned their first heavyweight and tag team champions.

On June 22, 2015, FSI was rebranded as a training academy, with Necrosphere remaining on as a head trainer. FSI would then close its doors on November 4 of that year.


  • Adam Hook
  • Aidan Alexander
  • Aidan Winter
  • Amanda
  • Antonio Schultz
  • Aston Danielson
  • Big Poppa
  • Brady Marsh
  • Brandon Mosley
  • Bruce Gilmore
  • Buddy Compton
  • Casey Delacruz
  • Caylen Biggs
  • Chadwick Marshall
  • Daisuke Taguchi
  • Dallas Rivera
  • Damien Peters
  • Daniel Coleman
  • Devin Hanson
  • Dmitri Laertes
  • Eddy Marks
  • El Pingüino
  • Ember
  • Florida Carson
  • Floyd Manson
  • Hunter Gallagher
  • Jessica Harper
  • John Taylor
  • Johnny Fiction
  • Johnny Romeo
  • Jordan Newport
  • K.O. Cardonez
  • Keiji Satoshi
  • Kevin Jackson
  • Kirsten Batts
  • Kiyoto Miyata
  • Kyle Madden
  • Larry Taylor
  • Lawrence Ulysses Collier
  • Levi Travis
  • Lindsay De Souza
  • Madeline Bell
  • Manzer
  • Marietta Owen
  • Mark McClellan
  • Mason Conrad
  • Matthieu Trudeau
  • Nicholas Gray
  • Owen Moran
  • RH Marius
  • Richard Kimbrell
  • Riley Sawyer
  • Ryan Benning
  • Sebastian O'Donnell
  • Sherry Morgan
  • Suzuki Morimoto
  • Tatsurou Ohira
  • Teruhiko Ishizaki
  • The Backscratcher
  • The Taskmaster
  • Yuushirou Hatsutori
  • Zane Millar

On-screen personnelEdit

  • Arnold Castillo – referee
  • Charlie Johnson - ring announcer
  • Kirk Bryant – referee
  • Leona Bishop – backstage interviewer
  • Martin Ellison – referee
  • Mike Sturgeon – play-by-play commentator
  • Necrosphere – commissioner
  • Oliver Vernon – play-by-play commentator
  • Russell Maas – referee
  • Sean Gomez – color commentator
  • Thom Sheehan – referee


  • FSI Championship
  • FSI Tag Team Championship

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