Joey McFarlane
Ring name(s) Joey McFarlane
Height 6'4"
Weight 257 lbs.
Born April 2, 1980
(Charlotte, North Carolina)
Died June 28, 2014
(Las Vegas, Nevada)
Billed From Charlotte, North Carolina
Debut November 9, 2005
Retired July 2011

Joseph Randall "Joey" McFarlane (April 2, 1980 - June 28, 2014) was an American professional wrestler and mixed martial artist, best known for his time in Soul Wrestling Incorporated. Trained under XS3, Joey went on to win the SWI World Tag Team Championship once with his mentor and later won the SWI World Championship.

Early lifeEdit

Joey was born to Kevin and Barbara McFarlane in Charlotte, North Carolina. He had an older brother named David. Joey graduated from West Charlotte High School in 1998, then attended the Queens University of Charlotte for a degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences. He dropped out in 2000, then worked as a personal trainer for years. Joey was eventually discovered by XS3, who noted his interest in professional wrestling and offered to train him.

Soul Wrestling IncorporatedEdit

Alliance and feud with XS3 (2005 - 2008)Edit

After months of training with XS3, Joey debuted under his real name on November 9, 2005, defeating Yoshiro Atoshi. Joey continued to feud with various midcard wrestlers before earning an SWI World Championship match on the May 27 episode of Apocalypse, being defeated by XS3. During the match, it was acknowledged on-screen that XS3 had indeed trained Joey. In December, Joey formed an alliance with XS3, who was feuding with the C.A.R. at the time. Joey and XS3 then defeated the C.A.R. to win the SWI World Tag Team Championship at Destiny Fulfilled. They defended the titles against the C.A.R. and The Ministry before losing them to C-Code & MC Bob at Questions Unanswered.

Joey then began focusing on his singles career on the side once more, entering a Showcase of the Souls Battle Royal at Independence for a future SWI World Championship match. Joey and Tannark Fisher were both declared winners after they eliminated each other in the final moments of the match. Joey and Tannark both challenged for the title in the Versus the World Match at Disasterpiece, but Joey was the last man eliminated after submitting to the Goodnight Moon from SP Robertson.

Joey then turned his attention back to the SWI World Tag Team Championship, once again teaming with XS3. At Unholy Confessions, the two were defeated by Trinity. During the match, Grace interfered and attacked XS3's wife Christine Irvine. After the match, Joey watched as Trinity beat XS3 down, then finally chased off the attackers. Joey then turned on XS3, beating him down and delivering the Final Fate to Christine on top of XS3, turning heel. Joey then explained that he was tired of living in XS3's shadow as a student and wanted to show him that he was better than his trainer. Joey then defeated XS3 in a Falls Count Anywhere match at Betrayal. The feud continued at Kill or Be Killed, where Joey teamed with Trinity in a losing effort against XS3, Necrosphere, and CK Miles.

Joey continued his on-and-off feud with XS3 in SWI's Underground Era while challenging for the World title as well. Joey failed to win the title from Ken Davids at both Destiny Fulfilled and Beginning Anew. At the end of the year, Joey challenged for the World title once more at Destiny Fulfilled, but was defeated by XS3, ending their feud in the process. During the Underground Era, Joey made an appearance on Fallout, competing in a battle royal to earn a contract with the promotion.

SWI World Champion and departure (2009 - 2010)Edit

When SWI returned to the mainstream in 2009, Joey continued his chase for the World title, losing to Ken Davids at Beginning Anew. Joey finally managed to defeat Davids and win the title at Challenging Adversity, where Davids injured his quadriceps muscle in the process. Joey then defended against the likes of Necrosphere, Rainmaster, Edgemaster, Frankie Starr, and Luthrion throughout his reign. Joey eventually lost the title to Mr. Besser at Independence in a Lumberjack match, causing everyone but Besser's rival XS3 to walk out when he berated them all with his attitude. Joey entered the Versus the World Match at Disasterpiece, but was eliminated by Necrosphere.

Joey's feud with Davids restarted in October, when video packages and promos hyped Davids' return to the ring. Joey then lost to Davids at Kill or Be Killed. After an unsuccessful attempt at regaining the World title from Rainmaster at Broken Chains, Joey went on hiatus to reevaluate his career options. He returned on July 17, defeating Jason Hardcore to gain entry into the Versus the World Match at Disasterpiece, where he was the first man eliminated after a 602 from Tannark. Joey then turned face on August 21, saving Tannark from an attack from CK. Joey then faced CK for the World title at Betrayal in a TLC match, but was once again unsuccessful. Joey then put his career on the line on the October 9 episode for one more shot against CK, but was defeated and forced to end his career. Joey gave a farewell speech after the match.

Joey made a one-off appearance on the June 25, 2011 "Old School" episode of Apocalypse, wrestling Monty James as his hand-picked opponent by XS3. Joey lost the match, but showed respect for Monty by shaking his hand. The following month, Joey quietly announced his retirement from professional wrestling.

Mixed martial artsEdit

During his time away from SWI in late 2010, Joey had been training for a debut in MMA. He faced Frank Munroe on November 19, 2011 at a local MMA event, winning in the first round via head punches. He then faced Ken Jardine on April 18, 2012, losing via judges decision. His last fight was on December 20, 2013, defeating Samuel Harder in the first round via spinning backfist.

Personal lifeEdit

Joey married his former manager Grace on November 3, 2007. The two had been dating for two years prior. The couple welcomed their daughter Chloe Jane McFarlane on September 14, 2008.


On the night of June 28, 2014, Joey's motorcycle collided with another vehicle and sent him 30 feet down the street. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead as a result of his injuries. Friends noted that Joey had been drinking prior to riding. SWI paid tribute to Joey with a ten bell salute at Independence 9, and paid further tribute to him on the following episodes of Apocalypse and Aftermath.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • Final Fate (Inverted front facelock into suplex powerslam, adopted from XS3)
  • Trademark moves
    • ​Elbow drop
    • Front roll fireman's carry slam
    • German suplex
    • Inverted atomic drop
    • Jumping DDT
    • McFarlane Masher (Spinning knee strike to midsection)
    • McFarlane Missile (Charging shoulder thrust to opponent in corner)
    • Pullback spear
    • Running drop kick
    • Single leg crab
    • Sunset flip
  • Managers
  • Nicknames
    • "The Sinister Student"
  • Entrance themes
    • "Going Postal" by Will Hummel (November 9, 2005 - December 28, 2008)
    • "Undead [Clean]" by Hollywood Undead (January 25, 2009 - November 20, 2010; June 25, 2011)

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit