Ring name(s) Kennedy
Kennedy Carson
Height 5'3"
Weight 110 lbs
Born October 9, 1990
(Miami, Florida)
Resides Stoney Creek, Ontario
Billed From Stoney Creek, Ontario
Debut April 18, 2009
Retired August 16, 2013

Kennedy Maria James (neé Carson, born October 9, 1990 in Miami, Florida) is a Canadian-American professional wrestling manager and retired wrestler, better known as Kennedy. She is best known for her time in Soul Wrestling Incorporated, where she is a two-time SWI Women's Champion. She also managed her real-life husband Monty James and his faction Worldwide Truth & Freedom.

Early life Edit

Kennedy Carson was born to Jack and Louise Carson in Miama, Florida. She has two younger brothers, Spencer (1992) and Joshua (1993). Kennedy began dating Monty James after attending an independent wrestling show.

Soul Wrestling IncorporatedEdit

Managing Monty (2009 - 2010)Edit

On the April 18 episode of Apocalypse, Kennedy made her debut, attacking Christine Irvine during Monty James' confrontation with XS3. Kennedy began accompanying Monty to the ring shortly after the attack, getting into a catfight with Christine at Independence. Kennedy aided Monty in winning the SWI North American Championship from Waylon Kenney at Disasterpiece. Kennedy then made her in-ring debut at Betrayal, teaming with Monty to defeat Waylon and Kelsey Phoenix to retain Monty's title.

In late 2009, Kennedy joined SWI's new women's division and soon entered the hunt for the SWI Women's Championship. Kennedy entered a battle royal for the title at Beginning Anew, making it to the final two before being eliminated by eventual winner Kelsey. When Monty turned face in mid-2010, Kennedy also turned face.

Worldwide Truth & Freedom and Women's Champion (2010 - 2012)Edit

On the November 6 episode of Apocalypse, Kennedy joined Monty, Blackwolf, Jeffy, and the returning Edgemaster in fighting off the Golden Alliance. The following week, Monty, Blackwolf, Jeffy, and Kennedy formed Worldwide Truth & Freedom, with Kennedy intending to go for Justine Vaine's Women's title. Edgemaster and W.T.F. teamed up to defeat the Golden Alliance in a Harbor Cage match to earn title shots at Destiny Fulfilled; during the match, Kennedy eliminated Justine with a Kennedy Assassination through a table, but was eliminated after the Plunge into Darkness by Darren Phoenix.

At Destiny Fulfilled, Kennedy defeated Justine to win the SWI Women's Championship. She defended it against Justine at Beginning Anew and against Mary Jane at Challenging Adversity before losing to Tonya Montana at Rise of the Forces. Kennedy lost a subsequent rematch for the title at Questions Unanswered. After unsuccessfully challenging Kayla Stevens for the title in a match that included Mary Jane at Disasterpiece, Kennedy began focusing on managing, occasionally wrestling on Aftermath.

Back to basics, The Unrest, and W.T.F. reunion (2012 - present)Edit

In February 2012, Monty and Kennedy (who had stopped using her surname after marrying Monty) left W.T.F., agreeing to form a truce with their former stablemates. Monty and Kennedy soon turned heel and once again began feuding with XS3 and Christine. Kennedy made her in-ring return at Renewal, teaming with Monty to defeat the Irvines. At Independence, Kennedy joined Monty on the stage for his match with XS3, despite warning that if she set foot near ringside, she would be fired. Kennedy was then taken to the back by the returning C-Code & MC Bob. At Unholy Confessions, Kennedy joined Monty, Colossus Rhodes, Jarod Barnes, The Brothers Grimm, and Jonathan Rembrandt in forming The Unrest. The following month, she defeated Psychophelia at Betrayal for her second SWI Women's Championship. Kennedy lost the title to Kelsey Ayami at Destiny Fulfilled. Kennedy joined The Unrest in turning face in February 2013, when they showed remorse for trying to take over SWI and vowed to keep Starrway Enterprises from doing the same.

On August 16, Kennedy announced that due to a nagging neck injury, she would be retiring from full-time competition. Kennedy said she would still be in SWI as a manager and would wrestle "if the situation called for it". On May 3, 2014, W.T.F. reunited, with Kennedy serving as their manager. After W.T.F.'s breakup in January 2015, Kennedy continued to accompany Monty until June 2015, when she announced her departure due to her pregnancy. Kennedy then made one final appearance, accompanying W.T.F. in their match against Trinity at RewindMania.

Premiere Wrestling AllianceEdit

In mid-2010, Kennedy debuted in the PWA, managing Monty and Jeff Jones as the Alliance of Defiance. When the Alliance captured the PWA World Tag Team Championship, Kennedy was unofficially dubbed one-third of the Intergender, Intergalactic Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. After the Alliance lost the titles to Chris Williams and Michael Smart, Kennedy (kayfabe) broke up with Monty to manage Chris Williams. This led to Kennedy making an appearance at ACW's final event, Goodbye Game, interfering in the impromptu PWA World Championship match. Kennedy remained with Chris Williams until the company's demise.

Personal lifeEdit

Kennedy married Monty on February 20, 2012 in a private ceremony in Stoney Creek. The couple welcomed their first child, Joseph Jeffrey James, on February 27, 2016.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • Kennedy Assassination (Jumping reverse bulldog)
  • Trademark moves
    • Baseball slide​
    • Bulldog
    • Camel clutch with crossface shots
    • Corner lariat
    • Crossbody
    • DDT
    • Hurracanrana
    • Lou Thesz press with punching
    • Swinging neckbreaker
    • Yakuza kick
  • Wrestlers managed
  • Nicknames
    • "Civilian Under Nonamerican Training" (in PWA)
    • "&" (in Worldwide Truth & Freedom)
  • Entrance themes
    • '​'"The Downfall Of Us All" by A Day To Remember (April 26, 2009 - May 1, 2010)
    • "Icarus Lives!" by Periphery (May 8, 2010 - November 6, 2010)
    • "E For Extinction [SWI Edit]" by Thousand Foot Krutch (November 13, 2010 - February 26, 2012; May 10, 2014 - January 24, 2015) (used in singles and tag team competition with Worldwide Truth & Freedom)
    • "Let the Sparks Fly" by Thousand Foot Krutch (April 29, 2012 - May 3, 2014; January 24, 2015 - April 26, 2015)

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit