Ring name(s) Overkill
Height 6'6"
Weight 300 lbs
Born July 18, 1976
(Vancouver, BC)
Resides Denver, Colorado
Billed From Victoria, BC
Debut April 1999
Retired June 24, 2007

David Laine Cromwell (born July 18, 1976 in Vancouver, BC) is a retired Canadian professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Overkill. He is best known for his time in Soul Wrestling Incorporated, where he is a two-time SWI World Champion and is recognized as the first SWI World Champion. He was inducted into the SWI Hall of Fame in 2015.

Personal lifeEdit

David was born to Jason and Valerie Cromwell. His brother Rick also competed as Perro Loco. David trained in Toronto before making his east coast debut as Overkill.

Soul Wrestling IncorporatedEdit

First World Champion (2005 - 2006)Edit

Overkill was one of the first wrestlers signed to SWI when it was getting started up. He debuted on the June 8 show, cutting a promo. Overkill was then entered into the SWI Championship Tournament, defeating Chris Cool in the first round and Rainmaster in the second round. Overkill then defeated Jason Hardcore in the finals on June 29 to win the title and become the first SWI Champion. Overkill then defended the title against the likes of Ken Davids, Biohazard, and Ken Dante. During a mini-tour of the US, England, and Japan, Overkill defended the title against Necrosphere, thus effectively renaming the title the SWI World Championship.

The feud with Necrosphere continued throughout the months, as Overkill cost The Ministry the SWI World Tag Team Championship against the Master Brothers. Overkill then lost the title to Necrosphere on October 19. Following numerous unsuccessful attempts at regaining the title, Overkill won it back on January 4, becoming the first ever two-time SWI World Champion. Overkill defended against Necrosphere two weeks later before losing the title to Arn Allen in a steel cage match on February 15. Overkill challenged for the title in a triple threat match involving XS3 on March 15, but lost when he was pinned by Allen.

Various feuds and departure (2006 - 2007)Edit

Overkill soon turned his attention away from the SWI World Championship and began teaming with his brother, Perro Loco. The two challenged for the SWI World Tag Team Championship on May 10, but lost when The Sheriff and Tony Jones cost them the match. Overkill and Perro then defeated The Sheriff and Jones at Independence, with the stipulation being that the losers had to leave SWI. Overkill then began a feud with Daniel Rebel, who attacked him after he defeated John Musclebound at Unholy Confessions. Overkill lost to Rebel at Betrayal, and then again two weeks later on Apocalypse, before finally defeating him at Kill or Be Killed.

Overkill then joined forces with Perro, Frankie Starr, and SP Robertson to defeat Team Fallout (Daniel Ness, Sylvan Mint, Sgt. Pilko, and Colossus Rhodes) at Destiny Fulfilled. Overkill then re-entered the World title scene, competing in a #1 Contenders battle royal at Beginning Anew; he was eliminated from the match by old rival Arn Allen, but later helped Perro eliminate Allen and win the match. This led to Overkill and Allen renewing their feud, with Perro teaming with Overkill and Yoshiro Atoshi teaming with Allen. Overkill challenged Edgemaster for the SWI World Championship at Rise of the Forces, but lost when Allen and Yoshiro cost him the match.

The feud continued later on with Overkill and Perro defeating Allen and Yoshiro on Apocalypse. The two teams then competed against each other once again, with Overkill and Perro teaming with SP and Rainmaster and Allen and Yoshiro teaming with Edgemaster and Frankie to face each other in a Harbor Cage match at Renewal. SP's team was victorious, with Overkill eliminating Yoshiro before being eliminated by Allen. The feud concluded at Independence in a Last Team Standing match, where Overkill and Perro emerged victorious. This was Overkill and Allen's last match, as they announced their respective retirements before the show.

Sporadic appearances (2011 - present)Edit

After leaving the company, Overkill remained on very good terms with SWI and stated in an interview that he would not rule out future appearances. Overkill returned to SWI four years and one day after his last match, when he hosted the June 25, 2011 episode of Apocalypse (which had an "Old School" theme). Overkill then returned on the April 7, 2012 episode to act as guest commissioner, following Monty James' attack on XS3. He refereed the match between Monty and Ben Drinkin that night and was attacked by Monty after the match. Overkill then appeared on the December 21, 2013 episode of Apocalypse as a part of the World Champions Panel. On June 27, it was announced that Overkill would be inducted into the SWI Hall of Fame, nearly ten years to the date since he first won the SWI World Championship. He then made an appearance the next night at Independence 10, helping XS3 and others fight off a group of disgruntled wrestlers.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • Switch Blade (Arm wrench into spinebuster)
    • Tranquilizer (Sleeper hold)
  • Signature moves
    • Arm drag
    • Arm wrench into hip toss
    • Clothesline
    • Double underhook suplex
    • Fisherman's suplex
    • Leaping body splash in the corner
    • Single leg crab
    • Stalling vertical suplex with theatrics
    • Tilt-a-whirl sideslam
  • Nicknames
    • "The Technical Terror"
  • Entrance themes
    • "Enemy" by Fozzy (June 8, 2005 - June 24, 2007; still used in appearances)

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit