Questions Unanswered was a professional wrestling pay-per-view held by Soul Wrestling Incorporated in April.



April 29, 2007


April 27, 2008

  • The Party Animals def. C-Code & MC Bob.
    • ​Tannark pinned C-Code after the MXC from CK and the 602.
  • Ken Davids def. Ben Drinkin to retain the SWI World Championship.
    • ​Davids pinned Ben after the Shining Wizard.


April 26, 2009

  • C-Code & MC Bob def. The Calgary Cowboys in a No DQ Loser Leaves SWI match.
    • MC Bob pinned Frederick after the CC-MC through a table.
  • Monty James def. XS3.
    • Monty pinned XS3 after the Full Monty.
  • Damage Inc. def. The Party Animals to retain the SWI World Tag Team Championship.
    • Williams pinned CK after countering a hurracanrana into the Metallica Bomb from the top rope.
    • The European Union debuted and attacked the Party Animals after the match.
  • Mr. Besser def. SP Robertson and Kayla Stevens.
    • Besser pinned SP after the Besser Bomb.
  • Waylon Kenney def. Darren Phoenix to win the SWI North American Championship.
    • Waylon pinned Darren after The Way It Is.
  • Joey McFarlane def. Rainmaster, Edgemaster, Necrosphere, Frankie Starr, and Luthrion in a Ladder match to retain the SWI World Championship.


April 25, 2010

  • Lisa Cross def. Justine Vaine.
    • Lisa pinned Justine after the Cross to Bear.
  • Jason Daniels and Samantha Nichols def. Ken Williams and Ashley London.
    • Samantha pinned Ashley after Daniels hit the AC/DC Driver on her.
  • Kelsey Ayami def. Kayla Stevens to retain the SWI Women's Championship.
    • Kelsey pinned Kayla after the Phoenix In Flames.
  • Bad Attitude Inc. def. CK Miles and Run Away to retain the SWI World Tag Team Championship.
    • TANK pinned Run Away after the TANK Drop.
  • Frankie Starr def. Necrosphere to retain the SWI World Championship.
    • Frankie pinned Necrosphere after the Starrmaker.
  • Tannark Fisher def. Monty James to win the SWI North American Championship.
    • Tannark pinned Monty after the 602.


April 24, 2011

  • Worldwide Truth & Freedom def. Darren Phoenix and Dr. Jason Spencer.
    • Blackwolf pinned Spencer after the Wolfpack Attack.
  • Tonya Montana def. Kennedy Carson to retain the SWI Women's Championship.
    • Tonya pinned Kennedy after the Tigress Buster.
  • Nicholai Ivanov def. Tannark Fisher to retain the SWI North American Championship.
    • Nicholai pinned Tannark after throwing him into the ring post and rolling him up.
  • Bad Attitude Inc. and XS3 def. CK Miles and The Ministry.
    • TANK pinned Necrosphere after the Attitude Problem.
  • The Monstourage def. The Stones to win the SWI World Tag Team Championship.
    • Colossus pinned JR after hitting him with the title belt behind the ref's back.
  • Hitman of the Gods def. Monty James to retain the SWI World Championship.
    • Hitman pinned Monty after the Raging Titan.


April 29, 2012

  • The Stones def. Los Opuestos to retain the SWI World Tag Team Championship.
  • Justine Vaine, Ashley London, and Serenity Ramirez def. Samantha Nichols, Kelsey Ayami, and Psychophelia.
    • Justine pinned Samantha after the Makeover following a distraction from Kayla Stevens.
  • Edgemaster and The Drinkin Boyz def. Colossus Rhodes, Jarod Barnes, and Benjamin Collier.
    • Edgemaster pinned Jarod after the Sharpest Edge.
  • Frankie Starr def. Gene Van Tyler to retain the SWI North American Championship.
    • Frankie pinned GVT after the Starrmaker.
  • Monty James def. XS3 in a No DQ match.
    • Monty pinned XS3 after several chairshots and a Full Monty onto the chair.
  • CK Miles def. Jeffy to retain the SWI World Championship.
    • CK pinned Jeffy after a victory roll, holding the ropes for leverage.
    • After the match, CK revealed himself as the new owner of MCCW and would take the SWI World Championship with him when his contract expired. A brawl between the two companies broke out, leading to Tannark Fisher making his return to attack CK and chase him off.


April 28, 2013

  • The Callahans def. the Besser Brothers in a Tables match in 10:10.
    • David was put through the table with a powerbomb from Carlos, following a top rope hurracanrana from Nikos.
  • Violet Cyrilla def. Kelsey Ayami in 9:02 to retain the SWI Women's Championship.
    • ​Violet pinned Kelsey after catching a springboarding Kelsey with the Violent Conclusion.
  • ​Bad Attitude Inc. def. The Brothers Grimm in 15:49 to retain the SWI World Tag Team Championship.
    • Andreas pinned Deacon after the Attitude Problem.
  • Stan H. Johnston def. Mikey Stone in 14:57 to retain the SWI North American Championship.
    • ​Johnston pinned Mikey after the Western Lariat.
  • ​The Unrest, Tannark Fisher, and XS3 def. Starrway Enterprises in an Elimination tag match in 26:25.
    • ​Tannark eliminated Waylon at 5:08 after the 602.
    • Frankie eliminated Jarod at 7:12 after the Starrmaker.
    • Colossus eliminated Ness at 11:42 after the Titan Breaker.
    • Carter eliminated Colossus at 13:01 after the Fatal Encounter, following a double DDT from Frankie and Jeffy.
    • Jeffy eliminated Tannark at 17:43 after the Mordor Drop.
    • XS3 eliminated Frankie at 19:57 after the Burning Cradle.
    • Monty eliminated Jeffy at 22:31 after the Full Monty.
    • Carter eliminated Monty at 25:59 after the Hadouken.
    • XS3 eliminated Carter after the Shadow Step to win the match for his team.
    • XS3 and Tannark finally made peace with The Unrest after the match.
  • JR Stone def. Blackwolf in 23:04 to win the SWI World Championship.
    • JR pinned Blackwolf after the H.O.C.
    • Mikey Stone attempted to interfere in the match, but Blackwolf took him out with a bicycle kick. JR returned the favor by taking out Jeffy with a suicide dive.
    • After the match, Tannark, XS3, Bad Attitude Inc., The Unrest, and Stan H. Johnston appeared and fought off Starrway Enterprises when they went to attack. Blackwolf and JR then shook hands.


April 27, 2014

  • The Fair Verona Connection def. Nicholai Ivanov and Stan H. Johnston
    • Romeo pinned Johnston after a shot from Matthieu Trudeau's cane.
    • Fair Verona Connection attacked Johnston after the match, (kayfabe) injuring him.
  • JR Stone def. Jarod Barnes to retain the SWI North American Championship.
    • JR pinned Jarod after backflipping out of the Barne Burner and hitting the H.O.C.
    • Mikey Stone congratulated JR after the match.
  • Ashley Neon def. Kayla Stevens to retain the SWI Women's Championship.
    • Ashley pinned Kayla after the Bass Drop.
  • Keiji Satoshi and Shelby Stull def. Kellen Sampson and Samantha Nichols.
    • Shelby pinned Samantha after a roundhouse kick.
  • Starrway Enterprises def. Team England to win the SWI World Tag Team Championship.
    • Frankie pinned Collier after a belt shot and the Starrmaker.
  • Tannark Fisher def. Daniel Ness to retain the SWI World Championship.
    • Tannark pinned Ness after the 602.
    • Jeffy prevented Frankie and Waylon from interfering in the match.

2015 Edit

April 26, 2015

  • B. Randall Morrison def. Manzer to win the SWI Canadian Television Championship.
    • Morrison pinned Manzer with an inside cradle after a low blow.
  • Tannark Fisher, XS3, and Jeffy def. The Barricade and Jarod Barnes.
    • Tannark pinned Jarod after the Shadow Step and the 602.
  • Kasai def. Ashley Neon to win the SWI Women's Championship.
    • Kasai forced Ashley to submit to the Blood Bond.
  • The Barricade def. Keiji Satoshi and the European Union in a WInners Take All match to retain the SWI World Tag Team and North American Championships.
    • Hayden pinned Collier after the Music of the Night onto the North American title belt.
  • Blackwolf def. Daniel Ness.
    • Blackwolf pinned Ness after the Wolfpack Attack.
  • Nicholai Ivanov def. Monty James, Frankie Starr, and Waylon Kenney to retain the SWI World Championship.
    • Nicholai pinned Frankie after the Hammer & Sickle.

2016 Edit

April 24, 2016

  • Rock n' Roll Angels def. The Risen to retain the SWI World Tag Team Championship.
    • Kellen pinned Madden after the Internal Cannon.
  • Trent Radical def. JR Stone to retain the SWI North American Championship.
    • Radical pinned JR after the Code Rad.
    • The Stones then attacked Radical and Jeremy Besser after the match.
    • This was JR's last match in SWI due to his retirement.
  • XS3, Tannark Fisher, Manzer, and Keiji Satoshi def. The Drinkin Clan and B. Randall Morrison.
    • XS3 pinned Shorty after the Kick from Kyoto from Keiji, the Shadow Step from XS3, and the 602 from Tannark.
    • Morrison walked out on his teammates during the match after some miscommunication with Ben.
  • Kayla Stevens def. 1-L to retain the SWI Women's Championship.
    • Kayla forced 1-L to submit to the Lady Killer.
  • Truth & Freedom def. the Corporate Club in a Loser Leaves SWI match.
    • Jeffy pinned Colossus after the Worldwide Justice.
    • Colossus was forced to leave SWI as a result.
  • Sam Hawkins def. Nicholai Ivanov in a Steel Cage match.
    • Hawkins pinned Nicholai after a Double Decker from the top of the cage.
    • Nicholai retired after the event.
  • Andreas Trinidad def. Benjamin Collier to retain the SWI World Championship.
    • Andreas forced Collier to pass out to the Brooklyn Bridge.

2017 Edit

April 30, 2017

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