SWI Women's Tag Team Championship
Maoli Koas
(Uhane and Ikaika)
Date won July 8, 2017
Date introduced April 1, 2017
The SWI Women's Tag Team Championship is a professional wrestling tag team championship in Soul Wrestling Incorporated competed for by women. It was introduced on April 1, 2017. A tournament was held from April 24 - 26 to crown the inaugural champions. There have been three reigns among six different wrestlers and three teams.

Title history Edit






Positive Pessimism
(Karen von Black and Hannah Kelly)
1 60 April 26, 2017 - June 25, 2017 Defeated 1-L and Serena, Sheer Cold, Black and Blonde, and Los Hermanas Martinez in the Women's Tag Team Tournament.
Sheer Cold
(Adrienne Frost and Amber Christian)
1 13 June 25, 2017 - July 8, 2017

Maoli Koas
(Uhane and Ikaika)

1 --- July 8, 2017 - present

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