The Versus the World match is a match type used in Soul Wrestling Incorporated. The match type made its debut at Independence 2006. Since 2007, it has been contested for the SWI World Championship at Versus the World (formerly Disasterpiece). There have been eight Versus the World matches. In all but two matches, the defending champion has retained their title.


The match begins with two participants in the ring. All other competitors must stand on the apron and can only enter upon being tagged in. Whoever is pinned or made to submit is eliminated from the match. Upon reaching the final four, all competitors are allowed in the ring. The last man remaining wins the match and the title. The first three matches had an added stipulation where if the defending champion was eliminated, the person who defeated them would win the match. However, the rule was abandoned starting with the 2009 match.



Jonathan Rembrandt announced the first Versus the World match after seeing Alpha Championship Wrestling hold the match at Spring into Hell.


Edgemaster invoked his rematch clause to gain automatic entry into the match, while Tannark Fisher and Joey McFarlane qualified after being declared co-winners of the Showcase of the Souls Battle Royal at Independence. The rest of the contenders were determined via qualifying matches on Apocalypse.


Due to SWI being in the Underground Era, there was only one qualifying match, which was held at Independence. The other contenders were announced via the monthly newsletter distributed to the fans who attended the shows.


Joey McFarlane invoked his rematch clause to gain entry into the match. On July 11, Rembrandt held two qualifying matches that were open to former members of Fallout. The following week, Rembrandt announced a qualifying match between the two female wrestlers of SWI, making it the first Versus the World match to feature women wrestlers.

All-Stars (2010)Edit

The 2010 edition was branded as the All-Star Versus the World match. XS3 was supposed to be announced for the match, but instead chose to undergo neck surgery to fix some nagging issues. XS3's replacement was determined in a qualifying match on July 24.

Tag Team All-Stars (2011)Edit

For the 2011 edition, the contenders were made up of wrestlers who were in a tag team. The tag team wrestlers competed against each other to determine who would qualify for which match. The loser would be automatically entered into an over the top rope battle royal for the SWI North American Championship.

United As One (2012)Edit

On the June 30 Apocalypse, XS3 announced that the contestants of the Versus the World match would represent a different country, with World Champion Tannark Fisher representing Canada. USA, England, and Japan will be represented, as well as Mexico, Germany, China, and South Africa.

Stable Warfare (2013)Edit

Commissioner Ken Davids announced that the 2013 edition would feature Carter Starr defending against both The Unrest and Starrway Enterprises. Only one qualifying match was announced, which was held on July 13 and featured JR Stone fighting for his right to gain a rematch.

  • July 13
    • JR Stone def. XS3.

Tag Team All Stars II (2014)Edit

On July 5, Ken Davids announced that every team on the roster (with the exception of The Callahans, who were competing for the SWI World Tag Team Championship at the event) would have to nominate a member from their team or stable to compete in the match.

2015 Edit

Alfred King announced on July 11 that the competitors for the 2015 match would be former SWI World Champions. Blackwolf was entered into the match due to his rematch clause.

2016 Edit

Every member of the Drinkin Clan were placed into Versus the World qualifying matches against mystery opponents on July 2.


Names in bold denote the defending champion.

  • Independence 2006
    • XS3 def. Necrosphere, SP Robertson, Jason Hardcore, Biohazard, Marc Signman, Darren Phoenix, John Musclebound, Perro Loco, and Fat Tony Drinkin.
      • Jason was eliminated by Biohazard after the Meltdown.
      • Fat Tony was eliminated by XS3 after the Shadow Step.
      • SP was eliminated by Perro after the Loco Splash.
      • Biohazard was eliminated by Musclebound after the Muscle Spasm.
      • Signman was eliminated by Perro with a rollup.
      • Musclebound was eliminated by Necrosphere after a Shadow Step by XS3.
      • Necrosphere was eliminated by Darren after the Plunge Into Darkness.
      • Perro was eliminated by Darren after submitting to the Nighttime Strangler.
      • Darren was eliminated by XS3 after submitting to the X-Cavation.
  • Disasterpiece 2007
    • SP Robertson def. Edgemaster, Joey McFarlane, Tannark Fisher, Perro Loco, Yoshiro Atoshi, Demon, Ranting Rover, and Mr. Besser.
      • SP eliminated Edgemaster after the Robbed Blind.
      • Perro eliminated Yoshiro after the Loco Splash.
      • Besser eliminated Perro after Yoshiro hit the Kick from Kyoto on Perro.
      • Tannark eliminated Demon after the 602.
      • SP eliminated Besser after the McFarlane Masher from Joey, the 602 from Tannark, and the LSD from SP.
      • Joey eliminated Tannark after the Final Fate.
      • SP eliminated Joey with the Goodnight Moon preceded by the LSD.
  • Disasterpiece 2008
    • XS3 def. Ken Davids, Necrosphere, SP Robertson, Ben Drinkin, and Afternoon Drinkin.
      • Davids eliminated Ben with the Dragon Clutch.
      • Davids eliminated SP after the Shining Wizard.
      • XS3 eliminated Necrosphere after the Shadow Step.
      • Davids eliminated Afternoon with the Dragon Clutch.
      • XS3 eliminated Davids after the X-Cavation.
  • Disasterpiece 2009
    • Mr. Besser def. Joey McFarlane, Necrosphere, Kayla Stevens, Ben Drinkin, and Colossus Rhodes.
      • Ben eliminated Colossus after the AOK.
      • Necrosphere eliminated Ben after the Void Crusher.
      • Necrosphere eliminated Joey after the Darkness Falls.
      • Besser eliminated Kayla after the Besser Bender.
      • Besser eliminated Necrosphere after several boots to the head followed by the Besser Bomb.
  • Disasterpiece 2010
    • CK Miles def. Ken DavidsFrankie Starr, Necrosphere, Tannark Fisher, Darren Phoenix, Rainmaster, Joey McFarlane, Monty James, and Kenshin Kentarube.
      • Tannark eliminated Joey after the 602.
      • Monty eliminated Kenshin after the Full Monty.
      • Necrosphere eliminated Darren after the Void Crusher.
      • Davids eliminated Rainmaster after the Shining Wizard.
      • CK eliminated Necrosphere with a rollup.
      • Davids eliminated Frankie after the Shining Wizard.
      • Davids eliminated Monty after the Shining Wizard.
      • Tannark eliminated Davids after the 602.
      • CK eliminated Tannark after the MXC.
  • Disasterpiece 2011
    • Monty James def. CK Miles, TANK, Colossus Rhodes, JR Stone, Benjamin Collier, Necrosphere, and Daemyn Grimm.
      • Monty eliminated Daemyn after the Full Monty.
      • JR eliminated Collier after the H.O.C.
      • Colossus eliminated JR after the Titan Breaker.
      • Colossus eliminated TANK after the Titan Breaker.
      • Necrosphere eliminated Colossus after the Void Crusher.
      • CK eliminated Necrosphere after the MXC.
      • Monty eliminated CK after the diving Full Monty from the top rope.
  • Disasterpiece 2012
    • ​Tannark Fisher (Canada) def. Frankie Starr (USA), Sam Hawkins (England), Keiji Satoshi (Japan), Dracuras (China), Tormenta Perfecta (Mexico), Ansgar (Germany), and G-String (South Africa).
      • Keiji eliminated G-String after the cross-legged brainbuster onto the knee.
      • Dracuras eliminated Hawkins after the Dragon's Blood Driver.
      • Tannark eliminated Tormenta after the 602.
      • Frankie eliminated Dracuras after the Starrmaker.
      • Tannark eliminated Ansgar after the 602.
      • Frankie eliminated Keiji after the Starrmaker.
      • Tannark eliminated Frankie after a top rope Kazoo Krusher and the 602.
  • Disasterpiece 2013
    • Carter Starr def. JR Stone, Monty James, Frankie Starr, Waylon Kenney, Colossus Rhodes, and Jarod Barnes.
      • Monty eliminated Frankie after the Full Monty.
      • Waylon eliminated Colossus after The Way It Is.
      • JR eliminated Waylon after the H.O.C.
      • Carter eliminated Jarod after ducking under the H.O.C. and having Jarod take the move.
      • Carter eliminated Monty after catching him in midair with the Fatal Encounter.
      • Carter eliminated JR with the Pendragon Effect, following a distraction from Jeffy and Daniel Ness.
  • Versus the World 2014
    • Tannark Fisher def. Jeffy, Daniel Ness, TANK, Ben Drinkin, Benjamin Collier, Robert Russo, Skitzy, and Dmitri Laertes.
      • Tannark eliminated Laertes after the Mordor Drop from Jeffy and the 602.
      • Russo eliminated Skitzy after the Swerve.
      • TANK eliminated Ben after the TANK Drop.
      • Collier eliminated TANK with an inside cradle.
      • Ness eliminated Collier after Andreas Trinidad hit the Stand Up Shot on Collier.
      • Tannark eliminated Russo after the 602.
      • Ness eliminated Jeffy after countering the Mordor Special into a cradle pin.
      • Tannark eliminated Ness after the 602.
  • Versus the World 2015
    • XS3 def. Blackwolf, Tannark Fisher, Monty James, Frankie Starr, and Nicholai Ivanov.
      • Nicholai eliminated Frankie after the Hammer & Sickle.
      • Blackwolf eliminated Tannark after the Wolfpack Attack.
      • Blackwolf eliminated Nicholai after a bicycle kick.
      • Monty eliminated Blackwolf with a roll-up after XS3 shoved him into Monty.
      • XS3 eliminated Monty after the Shadow Step.
  • Versus the World 2016
    • Ben Drinkin def. Benjamin Collier, Sam Hawkins, Mikey Stone, Shorty Drinkin, All Night Drinkin, and Gina Scott.
      • Collier eliminated All Night after the Big Ben Bomb from the corner.
      • Hawkins eliminated Collier after the Double Decker.
      • Gina eliminated Shorty after a superkick from Mikey and the Scott Shot.
      • Ben eliminated Gina after the AOK.
      • Mikey eliminated Hawkins after the Vaporizer.
      • Ben eliminated Mikey after the AOK, following interference from the Drinkin Clan.

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